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Small panic to broken skate shoes of Bart Swings

3578a32b8f46dff53518eeb8862efcaf - Small panic to broken skate shoes of Bart Swings

A day before the start of the world championships ice skating in the German Inzell broke some panic in the small Belgian camp. The rechterschaatsschoen of Bart Swings showed a defect. When the heel was the connection with the skate losgeschoten.

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With the help of the Australian sprinter Daniel Greig, a recognized materiaalspecialist, could the problem Wednesday to be addressed. Swings worked in the late afternoon a final test. “I believe that the good is restored”, he said. “Those shoes are this season’s new. That’s not supposed to happen. But I have left also already had problems with it.”

“A little panic, it was,” acknowledged coach Jelle Spruyt. In the morning there was taken into account that Swings the wereldtitelstrijd on reserveschaatsen would take “That would be for his feeling that a disadvantage,” said Spruyt.

The Russian Alexander Rumyantsev Thursday is the direct opponent of Swings in the 5000 metres. The few lootte the eighth stage. The Dutchman Sven Kramer, for years the world’s best skater in this distance, runs in the seventh against the Italian Davide Ghiotto. In the tenth and last few schaatst Kramers country – and teammate Patrick Rust. The young world champion in the all-rounders coming out against the German Patrick Beckert.

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