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Ripple’s xCurrent is Swift Far superior: Strong cost savings

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Ripple’s xCurrent is Swift Far superior: Strong cost savings

Home News Ripple’s xCurrent is Swift Far superior: Strong cost savings

Marcel Knobloch –

The Ripple provided payment solutions enter into direct competition with the currently most verbeitenen payment network Swift. The latest statements show, however, that by the use of xCurrent compared to Swift up to 90% cost can be saved.

Ripple’s Managing Director for South Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, Navin Gupta, describes in an Interview to The Asian Banker, that the use of the payment corridor xCurrent for banks and financial institutions over Swift significant cost-saving potential. The Brazilian payment company BeeTech has even managed the Swift fees for all money transfer corridors are almost completely eliminated. The transaction fees decreased from 20 USD to 2 USD per transaction.

According to Gupta, the financial sector has arrived at a turning point where smart companies and big banks can no longer escape. The potential of Ripple is obvious, therefore, more and more banks and financial institutions to launch the technologies of Ripple in the practice or test (freely translated):

There are a considerable number of movements of the banks in the High Street, to join the network, and we believe that you will meet at different points in their life cycle of this decision.

The focus of Ripple is to be in the next time on a better integration of banks in small frontier markets. For the next Version, Ripple 2.0, which will expand the world-wide Multi-Hub model to introduce. This is mainly the Problem to be addressed, that local banks in Asia have experienced in the Wake of the withdrawal of global banks from the border markets, a decrease in correspondent Bank network. The model will be the cooperation with the Siam Commercial Bank in Thailand, which serves as a regional Clearing Partner for Ripple.

The Expansion of xRapid further in that the native crypto-currency, XRP uses, urging Ripple around the world to create more and more regulatory clarity, as only then the adaptation can be successfully promoted. Especially internationally active companies can benefit from Ripple (freely translated):

The largest costs are to the local currencies, in order to allow a payout. Banks keep a large pre-financing amount to the recipient of the currencies what are the costs for a higher capital and depreciation risk to be reflected, which increases the cost per transaction.

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