Owner of farm where Julen died: “I forgive myself, never’

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The owner of the farm where the two-year Julen in a deep pit fell, for the first time has responded. “I had never thought that there was a child in that well could fall,” said David Serrano against the local media.

Flanked by lawyers, said Serrano in the press, because the Spaniard is worried that he is as responsible with the finger will be pointed. The friend of the cousin of Julens father is indeed the owner of the plot where the boy died. And also the man, who chose to put not to hedge.

He had visitors to his domain to his own words, so be warned, when the family of Julen on January 13, there came to dwell. Serrano had a well dug to find water. “I had the pit covered with two concrete blocks, but said that they had to be careful, because they are there with their foot would get stuck,” said the man clearly emotional.

The guilt was of his face. “I have never thought that a child would fit. I myself have a two year old daughter with Julen played… This had her can also happen to you. I forgive myself that I risk not properly have assessed’, responds the man, who the site four months ago bought to mangos and avocados to grow.

His lawyers are formally: ‘David could never of that risk aware, nobody had it as a real possibility given. The Guardia Civil thought even a time that the child is not in the dumps, because it is “impossible” it could fit.’


To the local media to let his lawyers see how the grey concrete blocks looked like, but also that they are relatively easy to shift. According to them, Julen in that way in the pit touched.

But that speaks to the creator of the borehole. Antonio Sanchez said that he is the pit actually neat had closed and the shaft is covered, leaving. ‘Like I always do’, responded to Sanchez earlier in the Spanish media. He thinks that the concrete blocks have been shifted apart by a small landslide.


Both men also point the finger at each other, because there is no authorisation is requested for the pit. Both Sanchez if Serrano is convinced that this request not was their responsibility. Or they that in the courtroom will have to fight, is not yet known.

When daddy Jose Roselló a fire and wanted to make on January 13, and mama Vicky Garcia phone was Julen just out of their sight in the Spanish mountain village of Totalán. Workers were hesitant at first, but in that time would be the toddler in a shaft of less than 25 to 30 centimetres wide have fallen. That tube was 107 feet deep. The boy got stuck at 70 to 80 metres in depth.

The rescue operation to the small Julen was very difficult. After thirteen days, got some miners anyway with the little boy. According to the autopsy it was immediately after the fall, died.

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