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Niels Destadsbader large slokop on the MIA’s

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Niels Destadsbader is the big winner of the MIA’s: he went home with five statuettes, including that for ‘best album’. Angèle fell three times in the prizes.

Niels Destadsbader kicked off this year’s “GENIUS” with “Conquer me”, his cover of K’s Choices ‘Believe’ from the VTM program for the Love of music. He did it singing behind a curtain, symbolically, because his shadow hung over the whole evening. The singer, actor and presenter – a few weeks ago of the Gala of the Golden Shoe – silver plated with no less than five of his seven nominations.

His victory is also for the artists who are usually in the category ” Flemish popular’ end up, but to their frustration outside this niche hit. She asked, not unfairly, what the difference is between the categories of ‘Flemish popular’ and ‘Folk’. Destadsbader she now has both pocket, and out of this even Will Tura over, in 2012, nominated in both categories, but not awarded.

Destadsbader also went home with the prize for best album, for the first time by the public was issued, and not by the music industry. That victory was expected, because Thirty was the last year the best-selling album in Flanders, good for double platinum and six singles in the Ultratop.

Equally predictably, he won, do not the price for the hit of the year. There was no one to ‘Zoutelande’ back of the Band and Geike Arnaert, which is 43 weeks in the charts used to camp and six weeks on one spent.

Stromae 17

The music industry definitely still about categories such as ‘artwork’, ‘author/composer’ (The Bony King of Nowhere), “live act” (Arsenal), ‘musician’ (David Poltrock) and “video clip”. The argument for a publieksjury and an industry jury is that the latter are more informed consent, but the gap is always so big?

By Stromae the prize for the best video, and were the experts this year really as fanboys and -girls. ‘Défiler’ is a reclameclip for Stromaes clothing line Mosaert, and in this category, everyone had a victory expected for Angèles witty clip for ‘La loi de Murphy. But Stromae, won this prize so anyway, for the fourth time even, and meanwhile seventeen MIA’s on the chimney, more than any other artist.

Angèle was just as Destadsbader seven times nominated, and fell three times in the prizes, just like last week on the D6Bels, the “GENIUS” of the RTBF. She is now on both sides of the language border, the ‘best solo female’, and won last night in the categories ‘breakthrough’ and ‘artwork’ for the cover of Brol.

Road English

Koen Wauters said it all when he Destadsbader the prize for ‘best Folk’ gave: in 1984, when Clouseau began, dominated us in the charts. This year did English even two steps back on the MIA’s: Angèle sings more often in French, Bazart was for the third year in a row voted ‘best group’ and the ‘urban’ went to the Tourist LeMC, that him rappend received. Tamino fell last year, outside of the prices, but put the price for ‘alternative’ in the bag. He is the first winner of Stubru’s New Generation that MIA wins.

The VRT poured the ceremony in a show with gold leaf that she still had the Golden K’s of Teen – also there triumphed Destadsbader and Tourist LeMC. The performances were there. Blackwave smuggled in a spotless ‘What’s good’ both a dash of Chic as Kendrick Lamar; The Scabs, winners of the Lifetime Achievement Award, brought the blazers.

Roberto Martínez and Nina Derwael came a MIA reaching out, Dries Mertens swung Destadsbader on video praise for after the ‘solo man’ had won, Kevin Janssens called Bazart ‘my girls’: the profusion of famous faces kept the pace high, what with the many plugs for VRT programs at a cost to the emotion. The kiss that proud parents Marka and Laurence Bibot exchanged when Angèle ‘solo female’ won, was even more cuter: the camera had seen that!

The Winners

  • Album: Niels Destadsbader
  • Pop: Niels Destadsbader
  • Dutch: Niels Destadsbader
  • Solo man: Niels Destadsbader
  • Flemish popular: Niels Destadsbader
  • Solo woman: Angèle
  • Breakthrough: Angèle
  • Artwork: ‘Brol’ (Angèle)
  • Hit of the year: the Band and Geike Arnaert
  • Group: Bazart
  • Alternative: Tamino
  • Urban: Tourist LeMC
  • Dance: Lost Frequencies
  • Lifetime Achievement Award: The Scabs
  • Video Clip: ‘Défiler’ (Stromae)
  • Live act: Arsenal
  • Musician: David Poltrock
  • Author-composer Bram Vanparys
  • Sector Lifetime Achievement: Pias

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