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New emoji’s on the way: more diversity, flamingo and falafel

aa866572d9267d6f713a60e1da1bef9d - New emoji's on the way: more diversity, flamingo and falafel

The Unicode Consortium has given the green light for a new load of emoji’s. And there are a lot of remarkable innovations. So pays the agency to pay more attention to people with disabilities, and the coveted flamingo finally between the list.

The Unicode Consortium launches new emoji’s for sign language, wheelchairs and mechanical arms and legs.

Of existing emoji, there will be more variants with other skin colors and genders.

An orangutan, an otter, a skunk, a sloth, a flamingo and a blindgeleidehond, the dierenemoji’s get strong additions. But also the food is extensive with waffles, onions, oysters, and… falafel.

Curious to see the list of all updates? That can be found here. Your phone may just look slightly different, because often choose the makers of smartphones and web services to have their own variants.

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