Josje is now the boss!

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Is there a hair in the butter between Josje Huisman and her mother? Financial expert Thierry Debels says in Tv Family that he documents has to understand about the company that Josje Huisman of years ago founded her professional activities. Josje was in 2009 when the new blonde of K3 and before that she was a ‘normal’ salary. The amount that went round amounted to 3.400 euros per month, but that amount was never confirmed. By the years went Josje is also occupied with other things and they had perfect just as self-register, but fiscally it is after a certain amount interesting for a company. That is in the past, also done by Josje. In which way could the different flows of money from her professional career via the bvba can also be arranged. That income came among other things from her book but also from the participation in tv-programs, and income from her music. Josje Huisman has her matters or was it her mother who did that? Until recently, the mother of Josje namely, the managing director of her company. Debels was the official view documents that this change had to confirm. Such decisions must be in the official gazette appear. All you need is the name of the company. And please know Debels so. “Josje, suddenly has an exceptional meeting was held with her mother Joke,” says expert Debels in Tv Family. Every year there is an annual meeting, normally on the third Monday of the month of may, but as long as there was not wait for this astonishing change to take effect. “During that meeting was the resignation of Josjes mama Joke as a company manager, announced. That dismissal is also metéén entered into force,” Debels. Despite the fact that mama Huisman but one share in the case of Josje in hands had, she was still the person that on paper the paste waved. Josje had the other 99 shares in the hands and was basically all-powerful. For one reason or another, is mama Joke and so is no longer the manager of the company of her daughter. The reason for this? Is there a hair in the butter between Josje and her mother or is it here purely for practical reasons? We have to guess.

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