Germany explains Facebook to the tyres

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The federal cartel office, the German mededingingswaakhond, is that Facebook are dominant position is abused by the merging of data from different sources. That should now only as a user / creator expressly give their consent.

The problem is that Facebook not only collects data on its own site, but also on other websites and via apps are Whatsapp and Instagram. The Germans want Facebook henceforth only that different sources of data together if the user have explicit permission. An important prerequisite: those who have no green light, should not be excluded from the services of Facebook.

Facebook is so powerful in Germany that users don’t really have an alternative, argues the federal cartel office. “The only choice for the user is to the comprehensive combination of data to accept or to completely stay away from the social network. In such difficult situation can be the choice of the user, not as a voluntary agreement to be considered’, it sounds. The way in which Facebook data of users gathered rakes, constitutes abuse of a dominant position’.


Of a penalty there is no question, Facebook will get twelve months to his way of working to adapt. The company will still have a month to lodge an appeal with the court in Düsseldorf.

The company is planning to do just that, because it believes that it is unfair to be treated. According to the American company adjusts the Bundeskartellamt, the German competition act is wrong and underestimated the ‘vigorous competition’ that Facebook is experiencing in Germany.

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