Flemish model Rose Bertram react emotionally to the death of her father

The Flemish top model Rose Bertram has on Instagram emotional reaction to the sudden death of her father. “I will make you proud of me can stay”, what it sounds like.

Yesterday it became known that Dave Bertram has been killed by carbon monoxide. The lifeless body of the 44-year-old father of Rose Bertram was on Tuesday discovered in his caravan in Newport.

Perhaps it is a cooking pot on the fire, and which caught fire. The fire went out by itself, but the combination of CO poisoning and rookintoxicatie was the victim is likely to be fatal. Also his dog has the accident not survived.

The terrible news struck for Bertram like a bomb. The 24-year-old City model, posted an emotional message on her Instagram. “Daddy, I don’t know where to start. I can, my grief is not describe. I’m sorry huge, I mean, you could not help. I am devastated, because you never can prepare for such unexpected news. I know that you are proud of me. Even though I will never more hear say, I know that you that was. And I will make sure that you are proud of me. Now you’re not and I can’t change it. I am deeply saddened. You were so young, you were my best friend. Thanks to you I am become who I am. Rest in peace, daddy. I love you. I can’t really believe it”, sounds the.

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