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Ferrari: “We want all of the F1 titles win”

4490859eb6148e5dafdc9f5aaf7ee0f7 - Ferrari: "We want all of the F1 titles win"

Ferrari has with Mattia Binotto a new team boss and, like a trainerswissel in football, they hope in Maranello on a shock effect. The budget of the Scuderia is already increased.

According to a source from the German ‘Autobild’ ensures the replacement of Arrivabene by Mattia Binotto as teamchef at Ferrari for a new wind at the Italian team.

This year it must happen at Ferrari, in 2019, they want in Maranello its first world title since 2008 celebrate. When were Felipe Massa and Kimi were times in which the honours kept for the Scuderia and the constructeurstitel to Maranello took.

This year it is Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc to the tifosi again, cheering. Ferrari boss Louis Camilleri says there are already no bones about it: “Last year we had our best year since gaining the constructeurstitel in 2008. For 2019, and our goal is clear, we want all the titles to win.”

For that ambition to be able to leave Camilleri know, without precise figures, that the budget of Ferrari increased.

“We are more willing to spent money to achieve that goal.” Last year, Ferrari according to the rumors twenty million euros less than the Mercedes.

Mattia Binotto will already be confident to go to work. The new teamchef is reportedly looking for a right hand to assist him in the factory and in the field of organization, onderdeelontwikkeling and production.

There seep also have a few messages from Maranello about the new car for 2019. That will probably be the name SF90H wear and will be slightly darker in color than we’re used to.

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