Eveline Cannoot barrel full of emotions

95188d9c35507c66efb29ea3a3745db7 - Eveline Cannoot barrel full of emotions

Ment face and singer Eveline Cannoot has a new single out and that we will have known. Valentine’s day is coming and the sequel to the title “Tell me how” could be “…you and I best tell that I have a crush on you?”.
But nothing is less true. It is a song with a powerful story full of emotions and doubt. A duality that you consume because you never know if you will enough have tried. Because in this period of time love is sometimes a painful side.

Sabien Tiels left Eveline months ago, know that they are after ‘Everything’ – that any success it has known in Flanders – yet another number. “They sent me ‘Tell me how’ by and I was speechless… Just because it’s so recognizable to the touch. It can happen to anyone, and the eternal doubt is never far away”, says Eveline.

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