Europe holds the leg stiff after new Brexit-consultation

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The British and European negotiators continue to discuss a ‘ordered departure’ of the United Kingdom from the EU. But a real breakthrough remains far off. Europe remains committed to the existing agreement, while Britain adaptions questions.

That turned out to be after the end of the summit meeting between European commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and British prime minister Theresa May. Juncker and May committed Thursday in the Berlaymont building in brussels almost two hours of consultation on the impasse in the Brexit negotiations. That resulted in a joint declaration in which both leaders emphasize that they still strive for an ‘orderly withdrawal’ with echtscheidingsakkoord and transitional period.

“The discussion was tough, but constructive. Despite the challenges came the two leaders agreed that their teams calls would have to enter to see if a passage can be found that the broadest possible support in the British parliament and the guidelines of the European Council respects’, says the statement.

Juncker and May agreed that they are each other ‘for the end of February’ will meet to take stock of these discussions. Next Monday, when the British Brexit-minister Stephen Barclay already to Strasbourg for a meeting with the European chief negotiator, Michel Barnier.

May was to Brussels, travelled to ‘legally binding’ adjustments to the backstop. The backstop is the vangnetoplossing that should avoid that after the Brexit a hard limit arises between EU member states Ireland and the Uk Northern Ireland. The solution, however, faces heavy opposition in the British parliament, which last month the echtscheidingsakkoord issues that May last year with the European Union had closed.

According to the statement shifted May several options emerged that the British objections could treat it in the context of the echtscheidingsakkoord. Juncker repeated, however, that the 27 other EU member states the agreement that ” a balanced compromise’ is, will not reopen.

He is open for an addition to the declaration on future relations ‘to be more ambitious in terms of content and speed’.

‘Special place in hell’

This afternoon takes May also consult with a delegation from the European Parliament, that, just as the British parliament the echtscheidingsakkoord must ratify, and European Council president Donald Tusk.

The Pool asked Wednesday still wondering ‘how the special place in hell looks for the brexiteers, who campaigned without the least idea how the brexit can be safely achieved.’

The ruling, May not, but they elicited a lot of anger in the hard Brexiteers on the other side of the Channel.

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