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Dutch government wants a F1 race for Max Verstappen does not ‘sponsor’

4228c2276e5021c7e4f4abdd34885f97 - Dutch government wants a F1 race for Max Verstappen does not 'sponsor'

The Circuit of Zandvoort, gets no state aid to possibly a GP of the Netherlands to organize, as has minister Bruno Bruins let understand.

In the previous year, Zandvoort carry out a feasibility study for the possible to organize an F1 race. The Formula 1 return to Zandvoort and the organization of a Dutch GP would be about 40 million euros in costs.

The money this would be for a part of the Dutch government. The circuit had about five million euro is required but ‘The Telegraph’ message that, according to minister Bruno Bruins not counted. Earlier had also been prime minister Rutte of the same message is understood.

The budget for the organizing of a Dutch GP at the circuit of Zandvoort will now primarily of ticket sales, vip packages and companies and sponsors. Especially due to the popularity of Max Verstappen would be a lot of companies showing interest and therefore, the organisation must, according to Bruins do.

The government would reportedly, however, charmed by the fact that the circuit of Zandvoort, try to use the Formula 1 to the Netherlands.

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