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Cup final volleyball – The 4 coaches on the word: “It is for such a match that you coach”

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Sunday 10 February it is again. From 14.00 to start four volleybalploegen on their quest for the coveted Cup of Belgium. Battleground is the Arena, the generals of service are Steven Vanmedegael (Knack Roeselare) and Johan Devoghel (Lindemans Aalst) in the men ; Frederik De Veylder (Hermes Oostende) and Audry Frankart (Saturn Michelbeke) in the women. Sports showed them to the word.

Sunday there will be two finals played at the Sportpaleis. 14.00 to fight the men of Knack Roeselare and Lindemans Aalst to the cup. At 18.00 it is the turn of the women of Hermes Oostende and …

Sunday there will be two finals played at the Sportpaleis. 14.00 to fight the men of Knack Roeselare and Lindemans Aalst to the cup. At 18.00 it is the turn of the women of Hermes Oostende and Volley Saturn Michelbeke. Two special finals, and for the following reasons.

Lindemans Aalst – Knack Roeselare: finaledebutanten us. experienced rot

When the men do not have a good old clasico between Knack Roeselare and Greenyard Maaseik. Roeselare charged after a true semi-final with Maaseik. Lindemans Aalst took the final a bit easier by 0-3 and 3-1 to win the Par-ky Menen. Anyone who expects Roeselare the cup already in the bag, however, it is wrong. Aalst is playing for a whole season strong volleyball and could last Wednesday with a 3-0 win of Maaseik in the league unbeaten.

“We prepare the competition in the same way as all the other contest”

Steven Vanmedegael, the coach of Knack Roeselare, keeps the pressure off and, in spite of the dominance of Roeselare in the cup in recent years, no favorites for the finals on Sunday: “I give both teams an equal chance. Aalst played yesterday (Wednesday) a very strong game against Maaseik and we played a good Champions Leaguewedstrijd against Zenit Kazan. Everyone always wants a favorite and underdog designate, but the reality is that both teams make it to the final really want to win and there is an equivalent team for it. Aalst, for example, has a lot of good reservespelers.”

Johan Devoghel draws Sunday for the first time with Lindemans Aalst to the Sportpaleis. He’s going to partly agree with Vanmedegael. “We will not just play along. We want to win, but we’re starting to certainly not as favorite in the final. Roeselare won the previous three editions and Sunday for the fourth time the cup win. They have a lot more experience in playing finals and have a very strong team, leading them on a difficult time the back can rights.”

Still preparing, the teams are not different. “The pressure for Sunday is the same as the pressure we had for the semi-final against Maaseik. For me it makes not much difference,” says Vanmedegael. Also Devoghel admits that the team has no additional pressure is experienced to win, but he is looking forward to the match: “It is for such a match that you coach.”

Volley Saturn Michelbeke us. Hermes Oostende (18.00): Motivated challengers in usa. team in shape

You read that right. In the women, this year is no Asterix Avo Beveren in the antwerp Sportpaleis. The team of Gert Vande Broek took out for the first time this century is not the final and so will be no sixth consecutive trophy in the air can sting. Who we have in Antwerp may be expected, Hermes Oostende and Saturn Michelbeke. Match organiser Oostende is in a very strong season working with both successes at the European and Belgian scene. Michelbeke is in the league’s eighth and pulls without pressure to Antwerp.

“The cup win is higher ranked than the champion”

Still think Audry Frankart, coach of Michelbeke, that his players have a chance: “We will be the surprise sure,” he says with a smile.”It will be a special match. The Sportpaleis is a large room and there will be a lot of supporters. Ostend is a favourite and we will be very good to win , but we prepared well. In the vrouwenvolleybal is especially opslagdruk and reception is important. Ostend has a good storage, so we will need to ensure that our reception is good. That’s us in the second leg, the competition successful and the Sunday work again.”

Ostend favourite so, that also says Oostendecoach Frederik De Veylder, already points out, he immediately: “You can be sure that the value of Michelbeke should not be underestimated. The last month’s books they are great results and the cup is always a separate. We won the league in Michelbeke, with 0-3, but they were certainly our match. The difference was that we were the ‘money time’ is finished. Sunday, we must be of our own strength to go out and, our own game play.”

The many supporters and media attention will make both teams even more motivation than it already was. “The game Sunday is pure advertising for the sport, only therefore the people are already watching. It is something different than football or cycling and put the volleyball in the viewer”, says Frederik De Veylder . “I also think that the cup win in the Belgian vrouwenvolleybal higher ranked than the champion. There is much more media-attention to the cup final than for the title.” Therein occurs Frankart him: “At the sene you need, both at home play. For the cup games both teams are in a unknown room with a lot of supporters and a television broadcast. I know that my players will try to play well, because for them, this is a once in a lifetime moment .”

Both the race of the men and women will be Sunday, broadcasted on Sporza. The men start coming up to 14.00. The women play their match at 18.00.

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