Corbyn says Brexitdeal of May will support it if they agree with customs union

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn wants the Brexitdeal of the British prime minister, Theresa May support it if they agree to a customs union. This is evident from a letter from Corbyn to May that Wednesday night was released.

In the letter gives Corbyn that he has five legally-binding commitments will of May in exchange for the support of his party for its Brexitdeal. Among these commitments is the establishment of a customs union.

“We are of the opinion that a customs union is necessary in order for the trade to be able to offer our companies, employees and consumers need, and that it is the only feasible option is to ensure that there is no hard boundary with Ireland,” says Corbyn.

The offer of Corbyn, which is to ensure that Britain after the Brexit closer to the European Union remains with the plan of May, there is the risk, however, still disagreement amongst the supporters of Labour, where some still hope for a second referendum on the Brexit.

It was Corbyn of parliament to the vote of confidence in had brought that May narrowly survived, after a large majority of her Brexitakkoord had rejected. Then he refused to take with her to discuss a modification of the deal.

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