Cold Case – “Claims made parquet are absolutely false”

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The NieuwsHuis, the production company behind the series Cold Case on tv, regrets “strongly the process of the Antwerp public prosecutor to the broadcast of the series Cold Case on tv to ban”. Reports that managing director Eric Goens Wednesday night. “According to the public prosecutor’s office would be the 5-part documentary series to constitute an infringement of the ongoing investigation, and would thereby use is made of various pieces from the criminal record. Both assertions are absolutely false and were made during a meeting last week Thursday, January 31, by the creators of the documentary series also explained to the Antwerp public prosecutor,” said Goens.

The Antwerp office of the public prosecutor according to The NieuwsHuis also much longer on the height of journalistic research. “The public prosecutor has during this meeting, the first episode of the documentary series can be viewed, and with your own eyes, determined that there is virtually no materials of a case in the series, will be screened. Also the assertion, as would the series of the ongoing investigation to disrupt, is not correct. This is going to be a purely journalistic investigation, as journalists of all kinds for decades to be free in this country”, what it sounds like. The process of the Antwerp public prosecutor by The NieuwsHuis experienced as “an undue infringement on the freedom of the press”.

Also Lydia De Decker, the mother of Sally Van Hecke, responding on The NieuwsHuis befuddled on the question of the Antwerp public prosecutor. “I have my fate for 22 years in the hands of the Antwerp parquet laid. All the time there is hardly any evolution in the elucidation of the murder of my daughter, in 2005, the Antwerp public prosecutor even decides to take the case to close. Apparently I still today do not have the right to know who my daughter has been murdered. I wish the gentlemen of the Antwerp public prosecutor a pleasant night’s sleep, I sleep for the past 22 years. I can only hope that the public opinion of this action by the Antwerp public prosecutor openly disapproves.”

The NieuwsHuis wait for the decision of the Brussels court of first instance that Wednesday morning to 10 a.m. the decision on the request of the Antwerp public prosecutor.

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