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Changpeng Zhao: Binance plans for the future cooperation with Ripple Coin Hero

Changpeng Zhao: Binance plans for the future cooperation with Ripple

Home News Changpeng Zhao: Binance plans for the future cooperation with Ripple

Marcus Misiak –

The CEO of the popular cryptocurrency exchange Binance, Changpeng Zhao said a few hours before, the leading crypto exchange will be working together in the future “definitely” with Ripple, your XRP-based payment to use solution xRapid.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, “CZ” is changed for the first Time, to Periscope, after he had promised over a year ago to do this. The CEO took the time to answer users questions about Binance and the future of the company. CZ started to announce the plans for the Beta testing of the Binance Chain within the next few weeks to the Public. The Binance DEX should also be introduced in the coming week, where the access is currently only for closer Partner to the Test and Work. In addition CZ also announced that the Binance DEX will require a listing fee for new projects, which amounts to about 100,000 US dollars to fraud projects deter.

Even more interesting for Many is likely to be Zhao’s statement to Ripple. CZ said that the two companies have not yet begun, but in the future definitely will work together to have the Details been worked out. Currently Binance is focused on the introduction of the Binance Chain and upcoming decentralised stock exchange, the Binance DEX:

Our focus is to bring more features to the market, therefore we work with a number of other partners. With xRapid nothing is going on at the Moment, but in the future, we will wish to add definitely as a Partner.

Ripple already has partnerships with the crypto-exchanges Bittrex, Bitso, and Bitstamp closed, in order to increase the liquidity of xRapid. The exchanges allow cooperating financial institutions that have an account with one of the above mentioned stock exchanges, to use xRapid “as the preferred” option for payments, cross-border payments in three currencies: US dollars, Mexican or Philippine Pesos. The process is designed so that it takes only a few minutes from start to finish, the time in which the funds are in the XRP, is a few seconds.

XRP is used for the software solution xRapid of Ripple as a “bridge currency”, the solution developed as a regulatory-compliant way for international companies to move money to Park their Fiat in Bank accounts around the world.

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