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Champions of the Low Countries against each other in the FIBA Europe Cup

In the buildings of FIBA Europe in Munich had the drawing lots for the Round of Sixteen, so the eighth-finals of the FIBA Europe Cup.

Filou Ostend meets in the Round of Sixteen Donar Groningen. That two duels between the champions of the Low Countries. Wednesday, march 6, has the first leg in Ostend place, Wednesday, march 13, the second leg in Groningen. The winner of this stage plays in the quarterfinals against Varese (with Jean Salumu) or Prishtina (with Khalid Boukichou).

Donar Groningen, the ex-club of Chase Fieler. Groningen qualified as lucky loser after a victory of extension on Wednesday against Varese.

“It is nice that it is a fairly dense displacement. It will be no easy match for Groningen did in the FIBA Europe Cup experience”, responds Yannick Desiron.

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