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Bart Swings wants gold on his home track

Skating Bart Swings wants after his silver olympic medal (finally) to score at the world cup distances.

“I go for gold’

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Bart Swings ride at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in the 1,500 meters, the 5,000 meters and finally the massastart, which he last year olympic silver medal. André Weening/photo news

Skating Bart Swings wants after his silver olympic medal (finally) to score at the world cup distances.

“I go for gold’

Vincent Van Genechten

BrusselIn 2013 one time fifth in the 10,000 meters, in 2016, once fourth in the 1,500 meters. Closer came Swings have never been on a world CHAMPIONSHIP distances, the main schaatstoernooi after the Olympic Games. On his 27th must be this season to finally succeed. “First and foremost, I want good in driving competitions,” says the silver medalist of Pyeongchang from the German Inzell, where the world cup starts today. ‘Only then can I build to the future. During the Play I was satisfied about my level, it was pleasing to again be able to compete for the podium. That gives confidence, which in the previous year yet less was the case.’

Swings are driving in Inzell 1,500 meters, 5,000 meters, and finally, the massastart, which he last year olympic silver medal. ‘All remains as’n massastart always hard to tell. A sprint I don’t expect it immediately, especially the Dutch little benefit. The Koreans, who are both from the short-track are fast, but I just go for gold. The disadvantage of such a massastart, that is not always the strongest or fastest wins. I admit, that has me already frustrated. There is a lot of tactics involved, all I’m strong in.’

Spicy Sunday

The massastart takes place Sunday on the final day of the world cup, just as the 1,500 metres. “That is very heavy. Fortunately, I’m someone who fairly quickly it can recover. That I have learned from roller skating. Between the races comes down to is the proper diet to take, the legs lose to cycling, and a quiet place to sit down.’

“On a massastart wins is not always the strongest or the fastest. I admit, that has me already frustrated

Notable: Swings drive three songs in Inzell, but it fits for the 10,000 metres. ‘On the 1,500 meters I have all my most of the stages driven, while I’m on the 5,000 meters for a topvijfplaats go. In that number, I am a little rolled. But if I row, I know that it is seated properly. In the 10,000 metres, the recovery was completely different. That you feel later in your speed, which is crucial for the 1,500 metres and the massastart. In addition, the distance also planned on Saturday, a day for that spicy Sunday. For the season we had already decided to use that number to skip.’

The preparation of Swings is now well expired. “I’m already a month and a half very well. Last summer, we had chosen to extend the skating, because I have another world champion wanted to be. Just after the Olympic Games was ideal. Of course, I am therefore a little later, the skates can start making it in the beginning with ups and downs. The european CHAMPIONSHIPS allround we have to let go for a solid trainingsblok. But meanwhile I feel physically right.”

Coming home

Inzell is for Swings also a little like coming home. ‘Inzell is the job where for me it all started. Eight years ago, my brother and the Belgian team here at training camp to come, so it is a little bit of my home track. (laughs) There are slightly tighter curves than normal, which is definitely on the massastart more spectacular. For me that is an advantage, but for the Korean shorttrackers maybe even more.’

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