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A tribute to The Scabs

f82b5c8c7e0d8afe64377a98ae5bb71a - A tribute to The Scabs

The music industry is overwhelmed tonight again with prices. And VTM may reportagereeks about the murder of Sally Van Hecke still emitting.

1 THE MIA’S 2018

One, 20.35-22.20 pm

Peter Van de Veire presents again the annual party in which the music industry itself, with prices overwhelmed. The Scabs will get a Lifetime Achievement Award. Reason enough for Canvas to, later tonight, the ten year old episode of Belpop classics about that group once more to send out.


VTM, 21.45-22.50 hours

Gerechtsjournalist Kurt Wertelaers tries in five episodes itself, the murder from 1996 on Sally Van Hecke to solve. The federal public prosecutor asked through summary proceedings to this reportagereeks not to broadcast, because they may be the reopened investigation would jeopardize. The court decided in favor of the VTM.


Canvas, 21.20-22.15 hours

Nic Balthazar is a man full of good intentions, whose work sometimes in the good intentions remains low. He now has a piece of theatre made about his hobby, the climate. Let’s give him a chance.

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