80-year-olds go crocodile spotting, clay smear and tequila tasting in Mexico

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On average, 810.000 viewers left last week together with 8 strong 80-year-olds around the world in Around The World with 80-year-olds. After a few days in Dallas attracts the company on Thursday the 7th of February to the sunny Mexico: the country of the sombrero’s, the tortillas and the tequila. A drink the atmosphere to be immediately good at. Even “a little bitjen”. But Mexico is also the country of beautiful nature and historical towns. Bacon to the mouth of Adi, an unforgettable surprise may experience.

Who Mexico, says, thinks immediately to the most breathtaking, white sandy beaches. That may be the 80-year-olds together with Sieg and Olga discover during a trip to Las Coloradas, the pink lakes of Mexico. After a boat ride where crocodiles are less than a few inches of the boat, float, life, the 80-somethings on the beach with white clay. An instant fountain of youth… or not?

Afterwards, pull the group to a cenote, a cave with water up to 50 metres deep. “In the caves of Han, I have been, but this was completely different,” observes René. Bathe in the deep water is mainly for Mariëtte, who can’t swim, a magical moment. Also Amanda, who since her surgery in 1977, no longer has swum, is troubled when they with Olga in the water.

After the necessary refreshment, the 80-year-olds invited to participate in some of the Maya, where they get acquainted with the traditions of the tribe. For Adi, it is especially used to the culinary specialties of the country. What, however, they do not know, is that Mexico is special to her was chosen as the destination. Adi has a passion for everything to do with culture and antiquity, and of Olga in an extra surprise. She comes over also eyes when they are out on a trip to one of the seven wonders of the world: Chichen Itza. Though the security there is soot in the food to throw…

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