10 reasons to definitely go to the MIA’s look

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Thursday night is the day: the VRT and Kunstenpunt beyond for the twelfth time the MIA’s. Here’s 10 reasons why you are the ultimate music party of the year not to miss!

1. Not one, but four presenters
No less than four presenters for the evening in a good direction. Peter Van de Veire presents the live show. Otto-Jan Ham is the host of the Industry Awards. And from the red carpet, finally, Siska Schoeters and Brahim report.

2. Eight unique live performances
Sentence in glorious live performances of diverse talent? Than the MIA’s. The BAND and Geike Arnaert bring their big hit ‘Zoutelande’. There is young talent with Tamino, Angèle and blackwave. The seasoned rockers of The Scabs provide the counterbalance, Regi brings his beats, and also Hooverphonic and Niels Destadsbader provide a lot of atmosphere in Palace 12. And then we have not even talked about Milo Meskens, OT, Jake Reese and Roméo Elvis as special guests.

3. More exciting than the season finale of Home
Angèle and Niels Destadsbader make the most of the chance to become the big winner of the evening. They both have a whopping seven nominations to their name. But who will be the final winner of the night?

4. Confetti, lasers, fire!
Palace 12 is again transformed into a palace of festivities where the sparks literally of blow-out, with large video projections, lasers, confettikanonnen, dancers, strobes and flame-throwers.

5. Conquer me, Crazy, Ellie or Zoutelande
2018 was an incredible musical year. But who gets the cherry on the cake and wins the MIA for ‘Hit Of The Year’? Can Niels Destadsbader after his summer Hit ‘Conquer me’ is also the MIA to take home? Or can the BAND and Geike Arnaert, the statue soon on their mantelpiece for ‘Zoutelande’?

6. BV-parade deluxe
An impressive list of prominent personalities on the red carpet, their appearance, as Niels Destadsbader, Angèle, Stromae and the other nominees. But also Kevin Janssens, Urbanus, Julie Van den Steen, Erik Van Looy, Clouseau and many others.
The full red carpet is, in fact, live from 17.30 pm on the Facebook page of One.

7. Music and more
MIA s: the music festival, and more. Because you can the MIA’s not only followed on television and online, but also through the radio. MNM sends from 18.00 Big Hits live from the MIA’s. No excuse for that MIA to miss!

8. Which costume gets Peter Van de Veire now out of the closet?
That Peter Van de Veire love a frolic costume, we know already. But what we see here hanging in his dressing room, that’s different …

9. Uitreikers for you to say
For this: you! And also: Koen and Kris Wauters, Dieter Coppens and Martin, Nora Gharib, Erik Van Looy, Kat Kerkhofs, Nina Derwael and Roberto Martínez.

10. Last but not least: the Lifetime Achievement Award for The Scabs
The Scabs are celebrated for their great career. Whom the Lifetime Achievement Award the award is a surprise, but impressive it is anyway!
Check out the goings-on on the red carpet, the presentation of the Industry Awards and the MIA’s on the ZOOM (channel 600 Proximus TV), or on Proximus Music. Appointment on Thursday 7 February, from 17h30!

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