What Donald Trump all said in his speech to the nation

No word on how the gun violence in the US plant to tackle. Not a word about the national debt or social security. But most of all, Donald Trump said not a word about the proclamation of a state of emergency on the border with Mexico.

The American president Donald Trump stared at night in a sea of white, when he for the third time, the ‘State of the Union’ are uttered. The Democratic women in Congress wore white …

The American president Donald Trump stared at night in a sea of white, when he for the third time, the ‘State of the Union’ are uttered. The Democratic women in Congress wore white as a nod to the struggle of the Suffragists for women’s right to vote. More than just a reference to that historic fight for women’s rights seemed to be a promise of shelter about the heavy opposition that they are against Trump will run. For the first time spoke to Trump a divided Congress, where the Democrats in november, the majority in the House of Representatives have conquered.

Trump tried a conciliatory tone and made mention of unity, even though his policies and his forceful rhetoric is the polarization in America over the past years just only have tightened. He sought several times to acclaim, by referring to the ‘greatness’ of the USA (he mentioned the moon landing and the American victory over the nazis in Europe) and by themes cutting through which both parties would agree to (such as an improvement of the infrastructure, lower costs for prescribed drugs, the fight against cancer in children, and the promise of aids/hiv, to eradicate).

The wall

The president tried so at the same time, the Democratic opposition somewhat to spawn, probably to a deal on border control in the prizes. But at the same time it was also an obvious attempt to get his own Republican constituency behind him to rally. Trump was seeking the support of conservatives, by the Congress to call for ‘late abortion’ law to forbid it. He struck again, a hard show to about the dangers of illegal immigration, but the handle not at all are likely to declare a state of emergency on the border with Mexico to call out. Trump said, however, that he the wall ‘will build’, without explaining what exactly is necessary in order that he will soon be legislation on to sign a new closure of the federal government to avoid. The negotiations over such a shutdown is already underway on 15 February.

That Trump that the state of emergency is not afriep, has everything to do with the Republican constituency. His own party has given him the past few days and weeks made clear that there is little sympathy for a state of emergency on immigration in America or for a new long-term shutdown. The message of ‘unity’ that Trump wanted to convey, was at least as strongly focused on the own Republican camp.

However, the president also paid great attention to his foreign policy, although also a lot of Republicans on that plane with him disagree. He praised stubborn his plans to the US-led forces to withdraw from Syria and Afghanistan, although his own security services have warned that the terrorist group IS to go not been defeated. Trump also said that his rapprochement with North Korea of the US a safer place has made, although American security services strongly doubt that the regime of Kim are kernarsenaal would completely dismantle.

Popularity on the back burner

But Trump said no further word about the peace plan in the Middle-East in which his son-in-law Jared Kushner for as long as it works. He also showed the Us public debt is necessary and repte not about the social security in America, or an important ziektezorgprogramma as Medicaid. And almost a year after the tragic high school shooting in Parkland, Florida (on Valentine’s day last year), that a wave of scholierenprotest on motion, was president Trump, not a word about the lips, about how he thinks the gun violence in the US to curb.

If Trumps State of the Union the start of his herverkiezingscampagne in 2020, then there is still a lot of work ahead of us. Many Americans blame Trump the long-term shutdown of the government and his persistent plea for the construction of a very expensive limes wall. According to a new poll by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, Trumps popularity dropped to 34 percent, the lowest rate in more than a year.

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