Trump calls State of the Union to unity, ” but I’m going to the limes wall, build’

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The American president Donald Trump spoke last night, the assembled Congress in his second State of the Union. He began with a message of unity and called for the political stalemate to break’. But ‘I will that wall be built’, stressed the president again. He also announced that he is on 27 and 28 February, the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will meet in Vietnam.

“Millions of people watching tonight, hoping that we have them not as two parties but as one nation will lead’, started Trump. ‘We must choose between greatness or deadlock, results or opposition, vision or revenge, incredible progress and useless destruction’, says Trump. “Tonight, I ask you for greatness.’

‘Win is no victory for our party but for our country.’ After the call to unit switched Trump right to his political achievements. He praised his economic successes: 5.3 million new jobs, the fastest growth of wages ever, economic growth and the lowest unemployment rate in nearly half a century. ‘By tax cuts and reducing regulations to get companies back to our country. We are now the largest producer of oil and natural gas in the world.”

In a breath fell Trump ‘ridiculous political studies’, thus referring to the Ruslandonderzoek of Robert Mueller. Behind him rolled the Democratic chairman of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi with her eyes.

The president pointed to earlier realization that Democrats and Republicans together reached, such as the approach of the opioïdecrisis and the reform of justice.

“The Congress has ten days to a finance act to vote for our government, to our country and to protect our southern border to protect’ began the president about the re-approaching ‘shutdown’.

The State of the Union had normally seen last week, must take place. But by the ongoing “shutdown” was speech delayed. Trump and the Democrats hit it but not even on the release of $ 5.7 billion for the construction of the Mexican limes wall. Now, the federal government through a temporary agreement to re-open until 15 February, the speech would happen.

“I will have that wall build

“Mexican cities try illegal immigrants with trucks and buses from their communities to our country, in places where there is little border control.” Trump asks the Congress on our very dangerous southern border to defend, out of love and devotion for our fellow countrymen and our country’.

Trump spoke about a ” persistent national crisis’ at the U.s. southern border. He spoke long about the disadvantages of illegal immigration, which, according to him, at the expense of the working Americans. He called illegal immigration is also the main cause of murders and drug trafficking.

“In the past, voted a majority of the people in this Congress for a wall, but that was never built. I will build it’, stressed the president. ‘A smart, strategic, transparent steel fence, not just a concrete wall.’

“Walls work walls and save lives. So let us work together, a compromise and close a deal that America safer’, he called the Congress.

Meeting with Kim Jong-un in Vietnam

The president pointed out in between again how he, the Nato allies are forced to their defence spending to increase.

Later in his speech, president Trump announced that he, on 27 and 28 February, the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will again meet in Vietnam. He pointed out that in North Korea for fifteen months no rocket launch has taken place. ‘If I’m not president of the US had become, we would, I think, in a big war with North Korea are involved in. With possible millions of deaths.’

“Two weeks ago, acknowledged the U.S. the legal government of Venezuela and interim president Juan Guaido’, referring Trump also went to Venezuela. “America is built on freedom and independence, not on government pressures, dominance or control. We are born free and will remain free. America will never be a socialist country.”

Aids to eliminate

Trump spoke further about parental leave and the role of women in society. “We can be proud that there are now more women are working than ever before.’ The many dressed in white, predominantly Democratic women in the audience jumped right in and applaudisseerden loud. The women were dressed in white as a reference to the Suffragette movement, who advocated voting rights for women, and to make it clear that they would continue to fight for women’s rights.

“Do not sit, this, you go like,” use replication Trump. ‘Exactly a century after the Congress women the right to vote, are more women in Congress than ever.’

The president’s continued support for the fight against cancer in children and wants to aids within ten years, completely the world, to help.

“This is the moment to the American imagination to stir. In order to go in search of the highest peak, and our sentences to put on the brightest star’, and decided to Trump his State of the Union. “This is our future -our destiny and our choice to make. I ask you for greatness.’

In contrast to last year, said Trump a divided Congress, now the Democrats have the majority captured in the House of Representatives.

It is only the second time in the history of the united states that the State of the Union was postponed. In 1986 decided then-president Ronald Reagan, his speech only a week later, as a result of the disaster with the space shuttle Challenger, in which seven people their lives.

Black woman should Trump response

Traditionally may respond to the opposition after the speech. The Democratic contrast this year by Stacey Abrams, who in november, in vain, a throw did to the governorship in the state of Georgia. ‘Together, we can make the political deadlock to break, ” says Trump in his speech, ‘just a few months after a Midterm campaign argued that the Democrats eagerly demonised.’

“Rather than jobs that come back, I see factories that are closing, threatening layoffs and wages the rising cost of living not to follow”, and criticized Abrams the story of the president.

It was the first time that the answer to the speech of the president was given by a black woman.

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