Today, the weather man Bram Verbruggen his debut on A

6ebca901988b3dd3ef5b52644ac2063c - Today, the weather man Bram Verbruggen his debut on A

Starting today, get Frank and Sabine on One a colleague: weatherman Bram Verbruggen makes this afternoon for the first time on television, just after The news. He presents the will for the first time again after The journal of 13 hours, and is also in the evening to see after The journal of 19 hours.
The 31-year-old Bram from Langdorp since november to work as a weatherman in youth radio station MNM, where he alternately with Frank the weerpraatje provides. Bram combines his job as weatherman with that of an officer in the Belgian army and has been since childhood got bitten by the weather. As of today, he spends one day per week in The back on One, alternating with Frank and Sabine. Of course Bram is also on MNM to hear with the weather.

Bram says: “There was immediately a click with Frank and Sabine. Weermensen under each other huh… They are really supercollega’s! They stood by me during the training greatly. Hundreds of thousands of people plan their weekends in function of what we say. That is frightening, but also motivating. I now get several times per day the question: “Bram, what kind of weather we get today?” The answer is simple: I tell you like in MNM and on One!
The weather presentation is an art. Every word and weighing, and there is no teleprompter. Thanks MNM, I could already gain experience as weervoorspeller for a large audience. It is a logical path for me: first, MNM, now One. I look forward to it! Now, just for a bit of practice, on the sentence: “Tomorrow is Frank there again, and again,” laughs Frank.

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