Three participants access the yacht from behind the legendary wall in brand-new Blind Date

“If there in a relationship a wall between the two partners is often the beginning of the end. But Blind Date is that hopefully the beginning of something beautiful.” With those words begins Nathalie Meskens on the comeback of the most iconic dating show of all time, with a mix of trusted succeselementen of when and novelties.

In the first episode of Blind Date get the viewers two dates are presented. The 25-year-old doctor Mattijs from Ham, who was in Antwerp lives and works, hits the striker. Then take as much as two ‘hunters’ at the same time, place next to the legendary wall, one of the novelties in this brand-new Blind Date. Not only must the ‘prey’ so the battle between them, the 24-year-old speech therapist Laura from Antwerp and the 26-year-old L. O.-teacher Lotte from Kessel-Lo are competitors of each other because one of them is by the three men on the other hand, home sent.

Nathalie Meskens: oak was 13 when Blind Date began and I was immediately a big fan. Ingeborg and the game. Someone decorate on television, and with a wall between them, that was very special. And the moment the wall opened, was pure magic. That magic feel I now again, if I next to the wall stand. The nerves racing through the throat of the candidates. Meanwhile, there are probably a thousand ways to date, but hardly as exciting as in Blind Date.”

Mattijs is the first ‘hunter’ in Blind Date. That doctors dress up, it soon becomes apparent from the enthusiasm of the audience. Nathalie wants to know whether there is also tension felt in the work of Mattijs: “In the practice where I now get to work ben, that is good. I should have a professional attitude, hey. During my internship in a hospital, there was an assistant where it was correctly clicked. A few months later we happen to come across. Then she said, here is my sexy apprentice,” laughs Mattijs.

The 25-year-old doctor is on natural beauties, which he also presented. Can he still not see. The three ‘preys’ are midwife Gioia (23, Herk-De-Stad), which is now as a psychiatric nurse works, Angelita (26, Mechelen), who has her own sewing workshop and pedagogical employee Enya (25, sinaai, belgium).

In the first round ‘First sniff’ fires Mattijs some personal questions at the three ladies. After the rounds of ‘What says Google?’ (in which Google and the social media all of the ‘prey’ and exposes) and “A warned man’, in which the family and friends of the ‘prey’ Mattijs inside information) is someone to the right of the wall. During a regular date, it is important to make a good first impression to make. Blind Date is the last impression is more important, because that will in the last round to decide who is with Mattijs on a journey.

Already in the first episode, also two ‘hunters’ against each other: the 24-year-old speech therapist Laura from Antwerp and the 26-year-old L. O.-teacher Lotte from Kessel-Lo are competitors of each other and start together on the yacht. The three ‘preys’ to decide who of the two ladies, and anyway, the plane by stepping on it. Laura falls on guys with an edge and She collapses back on bad opening sentences. The two ladies also have special talents, they immediately show the audience to the men to convince in order for them to choose.

After the first round, in which the three men ask Laura or Lotte, one of the ladies. Those who are the most in the taste, then has the strings in his hands. Gardener Jens (26, Lochristi), entertainer, Sebastiaan (27 Bales) and youth worker Brecht (25, Temse) car their chance. It’s hard, because the men do everything to make the best impression to leave.

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