Thomas Smith reached The Years of Understanding

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Thomas Smith isgekend to his energetic publieksinteractie and sublime gedachtesprongen. He keeps all of 18 years of different generations on the edge of their seats. In the years of mind,’ he comes no lessons in life to dictate, but he takes the ordinary things of life to the grain and he says hersenkronkels and practices in question with the necessary hilarity as a result. While you’re reading this, you probably have all kinds of thoughts in your head: ‘We all know Thomas Smith.’, ‘He will improv to do? ’He pulls a lot of people?’, “I still have to the store.’…. 3 thoughts per second, research shows. The whole day through. The chances are that you thoughts as it comes and act upon it. But what if you that should not do it?

His previous production, ‘Tight’ was by the press (5-star) and the public favorably received. When Thomas muttered and bubbled, however, there is still a lot more under the surface. He felt the urge to dig deeper into what the motives are of his decisions. It was time for ‘The years of mind’!
Social and spiritual considerations are easily linked to everyday events and observations. Airy things like 2 guinea pigs, but also social themes such as famine, people with real problems, our food chain, and a piano!

Thomas has himself researched what the building blocks of his mind and personality. He also discovered that there is a monkey in his mind. A monkey that is often from fear acts and dreams get in the way. We want to the years of understanding, then the command is simple: let that monkey is not the boss…

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