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The VRT is a on the three exhausted

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In a recent survey of members of the staff of the public service broadcaster shows that a third (or 34 percent) of the people on the VRT to work, often exhausted. Four in ten say stress to feel the pressure.

In november last year gave the employees a survey is submitted, 69 percent of them, or 1.721 people, answered that. Mediacommissielid Katia Segers (SP.(A) interrogates the minister of Media Sven Gatz (Open VLD), today on the results of the survey.

“We see very clearly the consequences of the heavy savings the Flemish government and the VRT imposed. The fat from the soup. There is now in the meat cut of the VRT, in its human capital.’

The trade unions also find the numbers problematic. Wies Descheemaeker of the socialist trade union ACOD-VRT raised the figures already in his nieuwjaarsspeech. “On the national day of strikes next week, we will focus attention around the workload, which we believe has increased considerably by the savings,” he said yesterday.

VRT spokesman Bob Vermeir wants, does not give insight into the survey, but it confirms the figures. ‘The survey was much wider and the results were overwhelmingly positive. But the workload is clearly a point. We’re going to this is not under the mat sweep.’

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