‘The Prodigy’ is too scary for test audience

a6226c322f7b1c1688ed80a74ba16ede - 'The Prodigy' is too scary for test audience

In a good horror movie to hear the occasional shock reaction or even now and then a angstschreeuw. But the new print, ‘The Prodigy’, proved again to be too scary. The film even had to be adjusted after extreme reactions in the test audience.

A lot of people screaming the lungs out, making others in the test audience, the dialogues could not understand. Director Nicholas McCarthy has, therefore, some of the scenes re-mounted.

The film is about the 7-year-old Miles (Jackson, Robert Scott, ‘It’), which is still stranger manner. His mother (Taylor Schilling, ‘Orange is the New Black’) suspects that he is possessed by something supernatural. While she fears for the safety of her family, she does everything to help him.

The movie is from the end of the week with us in the halls to see. Those who are curious (and not too fast in fear), may be on YouTube already watch the trailer.

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