The new building of The School in Antwerp reaches highest point

ab962d63263171ee6958c1dff6064150 - The new building of The School in Antwerp reaches highest point

Wednesday is the highest point of the new building of De Persgroep at the Mediaplein in Antwerp reached and construction phase modular closed. As is the tradition, was ‘the maypole’ is planted. The ‘maypole’ was on the terrace on the tenth floor posted by Christian van Thillo, CEO of De Persgroep, Kris Vervaet, CEO of MEDIALAAN – de Persgroep Publishing, Stef Wauters, VTM NEWS anchor and Paul Daenen, Director News City.

The new building is after the summer was completed and is the headquarters of The press association, and will, in addition to Vilvoorde, the location for the media company MEDIALAAN – de Persgroep Publishing. Among other News City, the editors of The Latest News,, The Morning, VTM NIEUWS, dag allemaal,… will be in the new building work. The VTM NEWS studio move early next year to Antwerp.

Christian Van Thillo, CEO of De Persgroep: “Today is an important milestone where we the tradition of the maypole like to keep it alive. It is also a great opportunity to the contractor, subcontractors and workers who have been here since last year hard at work to thank for their efforts. The building will be a new landmark in the Antwerp skyline.”

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