The Luizenmoeder gives turn to Sinterklaas

1ec9751d54e1907ff29ef5fc8c2b71f2 - The Luizenmoeder gives turn to Sinterklaas

The Black Pietendiscussie, racial stereotypes, exaggerated political correctness, even the warming of the earth: it’s all in The Luizenmoeder of Wednesday. The politically incorrect ondertoontje of the comedyreeks has a temporary climax with the appearance of Winterklaas elementary school Field. Because Zwarte Piet and Sinterklaas can be no more in this time, is director of the Erik (Tom Audenaert) and he comes up with an alternative. But his proposal is not at all in good ground to both teachers and parents. Erik wants the Saint replaced by Winterklaas, a figure which he himself has invented, and which he himself made to see. Winterklaas is the cousin of santa Claus and lives on the endangered north Pole. His helpers are white polar bears.

The introduction of the new friend with his white helpers is very much against the sense of the gay couple Kenneth (David Cantens), and Yourie (Abdul Malik Mohammed), because they want at whatever cost to himself Zwarte Piet play. Something where the black Yourie yourself each year looking forward. To the complete chaos to the scholenkoepel itself an alternative to Zwarte Piet came up with: dancing men in black with fluorescent tracksuits and unclear gezichtstrekken that vaguely resemble winners of Belgium’s Got Talent.

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