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Saxon authorities arrested miners because of the “Stromraubs” – Coin Hero

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Saxon authorities arrested miners because of the “Stromraubs”

Home News Saxon authorities the Miner because “Stromraubs”

Matthias Nemack –

Illegal Mining in Germany? Of due to. In the district of Zwickau authorities have arrested several people, the costs have banked on the state of digital currencies.

Also in Germany there are criminal Miner

Of Malware, Trojans and other risks, subject portals reports to Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are known to again and again. And the messages began to increase last. However, it was the Criminal that took advantage of unnoticed computer capacity and power to the detriment of third parties, most of the alleged perpetrators from the far East. Now, however, media reports on the joint access of the investigators in the free state of Saxony. In the context of searches, there have been several arrests. Employees of the police, the tax police and the competent Prosecutor’s office, according to a report today from the office of the public Prosecutor Zwickau together a total of eight homes have been searched.

The arrests relate to an act of 2017

What is the purpose of the investigation? The six persons suspected to have installed at the beginning of the year 2017, a facility for the Mining of crypto-currencies. So far, So good. The Problem is in the operation of the several dozen computers that were used for the Mining of Bitcoin and other currencies in the digital world: The power have not paid the offender apparently. Instead, the miners have manipulated the current system in place. With the result that the local energy-reported utility damages in the amount of at least 220,000 euros. The authorities report nearly 50 computers, which were used together as the Mining System.

Perpetrators threaten long prison sentences

Of the six suspects have been taken according to the current state of three in the meantime. The plant was again shut down and the investigators of a seizure is subjected. The investigation, run under the charge of “deprivation of electrical energy”. It is several years in prison. More interesting than the legal aspect, the fact is that there are in this country activities in the area of illegal Mining and that it is not only private computer – and electricity connections are affected. Power utilities are immune from such machinations.

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