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RTBF hunts Olivier Deschacht away with annoying gokvraag

1abe45c0de4175d4684f7368d9834987 - RTBF hunts Olivier Deschacht away with annoying gokvraag

Olivier Deschacht doesn’t want to talk about the gokaffaire him over the head. That should RTBF-journalist Erik Libois experienced when he made the 37-year-old defender at Daknam went to interview for the programme ‘Sur le Grill’.

Olivier Deschacht was in 2017 sentenced to 24.000 euro fine because from his gokaccount, created in 2006, several times it was gambled on the games of his former team Anderlecht. Deschacht and his lawyer Luc Deleu fight that judgment, however, it would be his younger brother, Xavier, are that the gokaccount used, and the case is still pending.

And the matter is clearly still very sensitive to Deschacht because when RTBF-journalist Erik Libois to the end of an extensive interview that theme was, it went wrong.

Libois is doing his story on the website of RTBF: “at the end of an interview that without the least hitch had occurred, we brought the topic up – what teasing and a little provocative, as is usual in interviews for the ‘Sur le Grill’ – with the following question: “The following contest is from march 3, Lokeren-Anderlecht will be an important moment for you, are you going to be on this match to bet?” To our amazement, stepped Deschacht, stared at us angrily and ended the call hastily to leave the room.”

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