Premiere of new movie Liam Neeson abandoned after controversial interview

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The premiere of “Cold Pursuit”, the new film by Northern Irish actor Liam Neeson, has been cancelled after controversy arose over an interview that the actor gave.

The rodeloperevenement that in New York would take place does not go through, according to Sky News. Journalists who attend this event would be, were told that the premiere is cancelled.

Neeson responded yesterday to the controversy that arose after the interview in which he revealed ever on the path to have gone to a random black man to kill. The 66-year-old actor says not racist.

For his role in the new film, he wanted to put himself in his character, a father who seek revenge want to take on the drug dealers who believed his son was murdered. The actor told in an interview that he therefore evoked memories of the by a black man raped a dear friend of his.

Neeson, the actor wanted his revenge then to indulge on a random black man and was very terrified of his own aggression. Actor in “Cold Pursuit” Tom Bateman sat next to him and reacted visibly shocked at the revelation. Neeson told Good Morning America that the aware incident forty years ago.

“I asked my girlfriend if she knew who it was? No. What color was he? She said that he was black. Then I walked back and back through neighborhoods with a gummistok, hoping someone would be approached – I am ashamed to to admit that – and I did that about a week long, hoping that a black bastard from a café would come and would challenge them about something, you know? So I would be able to (pause) dead.”

“It was a oerdrift and I was by shocked and hurt. I have sought help and have with a priest is spoken. I’m not a racist”, says the “Jobs”actor. “The perpetrator Was white, I would have in the same way responded”, he added. “I tried the honor of my friend to defend a terrible, medieval way.”

“I’m fairly intelligent and that is why I was so upset when I return with a clear could think of. Fortunately, I have nothing gewelddadigs done. I wanted to take it out because my girlfriend brutally raped. It was a learning process.”

“You should know that I grew up in Northern Ireland at the time of ‘The Troubles’ (Northern Ireland conflict that raged from the 1960s to 1998, ed.). I knew people who personally were involved and understood their need for revenge. But violence leads to more violence, Northern Ireland is proof of this.”

The unveiling of Neesons attempt to revenge caused a lot of fuss on social media. The Northern Irishman was labeled as a racist and also was called the work of the actor to boycott. Neeson hopes his story encourages people to be more likely to say what they think. “We will do all as if we were in more or to a lesser extent, politically correct.”

Neeson was most recently seen as the beloved of Viola Davis in Steve Mcqueen’s “Widows”.

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