Phaedra Hoste has a friend

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The time that Phaedra Hoste each week in one or another magazine was located for a long time already behind her but this week, Phaedra Hoste the honor to be in the Tv Family. This time not with one or the other speeding ticket but with a love story. According to Tv Family has Phaedra Hoste happiness in the love is found, and the weekly even a name on the lucky paste. Phaedra Hoste has a bumpy liefdesparcours behind the back, that much is certain. She was once together with, among others, Pieter Is, and even Roger De Vlaeminck, and a few years ago tried even John Bryan and Dimitri Bontinck, a positive impression on her. But Phaedra caught on. The last couple of years, then walk around Phaedra, but according to Tv Family has Phaedra a new friend, john is his name. The weekly commented on the Instagram page of Phaedra a few messages. About two weeks ago, Phaedra Hoste the plane to Miami. The former model flew business class, if so what cost. But they did that only because on Instagram published a photo of the table in the plane with two glasses of champagne. With whom Phaedra to Miami, flew remained a well-kept secret until they had a photo shared of a few old-timers that they really like, and saw that she doubted. “Jan will be the right choice to make”, wrote one of the friends of Phaedra why the model responded with the words “My boy has indeed chosen”.

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