Phaedra Hoste angry because the media her new love disclose

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Former fashion model, Phaedra Hoste has again found love. It would go to a businessman from Knokke, as reported in several media. Hoste late today on Instagram, however, mean that they are not set up with the way that the news leaked.

The former presenter (47) in short, a new relationship, a businessman from Knokke. This is evident from some of the Instagramposts which they alludeert on new love. So would she, together with her new boyfriend recently made a trip have made it to Miami.

On one of the photos are two glasses of champagne to see, on a other photo in the hotel hint they also company. “Rainy days are great for sex and relax”, she wrote it.

A moment later, she takes all the doubt away. As posted the ex of Roger De Vlaeminck, and Pieter Is a photo from a car show with vintage cars. “Jan will be the right choice,” responded a friend in the comments. “My boy has indeed chosen”, confirmed the Hoste then. According to TV Family would they even retracted at her friend in Knokke.

Fine news for the ex-presenter perhaps, but she is not to speak about the fact that her love life in the media is discussed. Today she made on Instagram clearly that they would like some privacy. “Privacy is power. What people do not know, they can not destroy”, in large block letters to read.

Hoste clarified further in one sentence and a series of English-language hashtags that it is old news, and that she does not understand why people have this need to know. They would be better had the media some more messages on its online store, where they have all sorts of interieurtips brings to the man.

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