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Peter Vandermeersch stops as editor-in-chief at NRC

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Peter Vandermeersch, former chief editor of The Standard, stops it after the summer as editor-in-chief of the Dutch newspaper NRC, a post which he for the past nine years is disputable.

Peter Vandermeersch is after nine years the time is ripe to do something different, and is a correspondent for NRC in Paris. “I have two souls in my breast: that of a journalist writing and that of an organizer. Soon I’ll go with a lot of enthusiasm back to do that for which I was ever a journalist was to write, ” says the 57-year-old Vandermeersch.

For he is editor-in-chief at NRC worked Vandermeersch for The Standard. He was a correspondent in Paris (1991-1995) and New York (1998-1999). From 1999 to 2010 he was editor-in-chief. He writes still a bi-weekly column for the newspaper.

‘Peter has in our group an impressive journalistic career, first within The Standard , and subsequently with the NRC. He has both titles at a crucial moment in their history a new era ingeloodst’, says “media house”,-ceo Gert Ysebaert.

‘To his successor at the NRC, he will soon be a newspaper, after which the circulation for several years, one after the other, rising, a digital organisation with a clear strategy and an editorial board with outstanding people. Peter is someone who set the bar very high places and still want to continue. Therefore, I am pleased that he also, with this new step to remain on board, and his exceptional talent for our continued commitment.’

Also the deputy editor Marcella Breedeveld, which since 2007 is part of the editorial board of the NRC and is responsible for budget and human resources, the appointment of a new editor-in-chief a step back and again, within the editor go to work.

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