Misdaaddokters: Gilles De Coster talks with wetsdokters and gerechtspsychiaters

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In Misdaaddokters talk with Gilles De Coster with medical specialists who tell the story behind the heavy crime to reconstruct. As a forensic expert examine the body and the spirit: the law doctor let the dead speak through the opening, the gerechtspsychiater dissects the mind of the perpetrators on the basis of interviews and personality tests.

They report on physical injuries, mental disorders and suspicious circumstances. Their expert report is the determining factor in criminal trials, but runs also on the opposition of lawyers and tegenexperts. This brings the gerechtsartsen often in the media frenzy surrounding high-profile cases.

In Misdaaddokters witnesses seven wetsdokters and six gerechtspsychiaters about their job, their mission and their view of mankind.

“In medicine, we are the underdogs, the in an adventure with scientists, because we do not cure people”, say the doctors. “We are also commonly paid less than other medical specialists. But with our expert, we make the difference for the judges, victims and survivors.” The gerechtsdokters witness how they make a difference. What are the tricks of their trade?

The opinion of the medical experts will determine the fate of the perpetrators and the victims. Does their conscience have a role to play? How they look, as a scientist, to murderers and atrocities? When stitches doubt, or emotion head on? Beat them to the ball sometimes wrong? The misdaaddokters (crown)witnesses of dark, violent symptoms of our society. How does this influence their view of humanity? And what is their diagnosis of the zeitgeist?

“For Misdaaddokters, I had the privilege to spend hours talking with professionals from the forensic medicine. They have me initiated into their special appeal. Their outlook on body, mind and spirit, often in the context of murder and manslaughter, resulted in fascinating stories and insights. I was left with a great respect for the craftsmanship and dedication of these wetsdokters and gerechtspsychiaters. Who like to police and misdaadreeksen looks, will realize how a working day in this intriguing experts the fiction that equals and often exceeds,” says Gilles De Coster.

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