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Mathieu van der Poel takes first win in rainbow jersey, Wout van Aert ends season with disappointment in Maldegem

8a52a7298afabe905a34588b6e22a2ce - Mathieu van der Poel takes first win in rainbow jersey, Wout van Aert ends season with disappointment in Maldegem

Mathieu van der Poel has the Brico Cross in Maldegem won. He did so after a thrilling high-speed competition. Van der Poel rode two laps from the finish, away from Aerts, Vanthourenhout and Van der haar. Wout van Aert lap at the start out of his pedal and never played a role in the match. He was in his last cross of the season in the eighth.

World champion Mathieu van der Poel, Belgian champion Show Aerts went straight to a good start. Van Aert, for the first time in his black ploegtrui missed the boat and had to chase. It was Eli Iserbyt and Michael Vanthourenhout, the boys of Marlux-Bingoal that the pace at the front determined in the first round. But not much later, the Van der Poel and Vanthourenhout, who the rest in a number of lengths. Van der haar was able to make the jump to the leidersduo make and put on the head, but he could not prevent the pursuers (Iserbyt, Aerts and David van der Poel) to restart the connection.

Halfway through the race handed Van der Poel a first prick, but a lot of space, he gets not From of Her and Vanthourenhout. Vanthourenhout was with the victory in his head, and pops to the wheel of Van der Poel and with still three rounds to go, could also be Van der haar and Aerts re-connect it. Aerts put itself at the head, and a thick two laps from the end Vanthourenhout and Van der haar on the drive. Van der Poel was able to follow and went after a handsome zandpassage again about Aerts. That was the decisive moment for the world champion.

The pursuers could no longer keep up. Van der Poel won the first race in his world champions jersey and put his chain of victories. Vanthourenhout was second, Aerts third. Van der haar was in the last hundred meters still on medaillekoers, but went against the plain in the last round. “In the last round I thought that I was again fourth would be. Also, I could not so quickly jump over the sticks as the other, but when I view got a medal, I am never so easy about the bars ridden. In the last corner, I drove too close to the wheel of Vanthourenhout. He slipped some in the last corner which I fell and the medal was lost”, says Van der haar immediately after the finish.


1. Mathieu van der Poel

2. Michael Vanthourenhout

3. Toon Aerts

4. Lars van der haar

5. David van der Poel

6. Eli Iserbyt

7. Michael Boros

8. Wout van Aert

9. Tom Meeusen

10. Felipe Orts

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