Lil’ Small finds Dutch man ‘very poorly’ dressed

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Lil’ Small finds Dutch man ‘very poorly’ dressed

06-February-2019 08:51
06-02-19 08:51


Lil’ Small-finds that the Dutch man is generally a “very bad” style of clothing. The rapper is ashamed of compared to the international friends.

“Jaimie (his fiance, red.) has a lot of international friends and when you see it. It is really not mind if you occasionally sweatsuit attracts, but then I look of the things, eh … well let me put it this way: a well-watched daily program. And then, you will see prominent CELEBRITIES díngen wear: red colbertjes with snakeskin, green shirts, babyblauwe jackets on babyblauwe shirts,” said the rapper in conversation with Glamour.

Lil’ Little, who actually, Jorik Scholten is hot, can laugh out loud with Jaimie Vaes about the appearance of his colleagues, but is also a reason for shame. “Seriously, suppose that the friends of Jaimie also on the bank had been? Then I had the tv turned off, really. If you go to your neighbor is watching.”

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