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Lebron James passes the cape of the 32,000 points, but collects worst loss of his career

LeBron James has sat night the pain threshold of the 32,000 points in his NBA career rounded, but still had the American basketball legend (34 years), there is little reason to cheer afterwards. LeBron went with his LA Lakers with 136-94 crashed against the Indiana Pacers. A difference of 42 points, and never before in his 16-year career, suffered James as a defeat.

LeBron James was recently more than a month out with a liesblessure and pulled out by the end of Tuesday to its normal level. In the early stages of the match he missed three of his first five attempts and he was defensive a few times ringeloren. Eventually became the four-time MVP of the NBA is still on 18 points, which he the cape of the 32,000 points in his career completed. Only four other players ever did that to him: Michael Jordan (32.292), Kobe Bryant (33.643), Karl Malone (36.928) and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (38.387).

But the Indiana Pacers overklasten Tuesday to the LA Lakers. At the peace they had under the leadership of a strong Bojan Bogdanovic already has a lead of 23 points collected. It was finally a gap of 42 points at the final signal.

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