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Kraken expands Portfolio by Crypto Facilities Acquisition – Coin Hero

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Kraken expands Portfolio by Crypto Facilities Acquisition

Home News Kraken expands Portfolio by Crypto Facilities Acquisition

Matthias Nemack –

Kraken clients can now trade according to the involvement of a futures exchange more flexible. The Acquisition of the platform Crypto Facilities has octopus cost a lot.

Kraken expanding market influence by buying more

Who is engaged in the international trade of cryptocurrencies from Bitcoin to Zcash, encounters sooner or later the Kraken on the platform. The company has been growing steadily over the years. As a global service provider (with customers in approximately 190 countries around the world, according to its own statement), expansions, because the only way to establish themselves as a provider to the trade and to counter the increasing competition. Now for some rather surprising message from the company.

Trade for Kraken users directly accessible

In a statement company CEO Powell officially announced that it has decided for the Adoption of Crypto Facilities – the operator is for the insiders is also well-known. In fact, the announcement is not an announcement of upcoming plans. Rather, the CEO of Kraken said that it had now integrated the operations for the Crypto Facilities-Backend in its own platform. In the positive sense of the Kraken would thus be confronted with a fait accompli. The result: Kraken, users now have the ability to trade on the crypto-exchange, additional products with respect to digital currencies.

The US market remains for the time being, foreign

One exception to this, customers in the USA, because this target group is for the time being, will not benefit from the complementary trading. All other customers through the acquisition of London-based trading platform now have the Chance to trade Futures on the topic of digital currency couples. In the future, for example, losses by a decline in the crypto classes to hedge the may contracts, as in the case of difference. According to the Kraken is a nine-digit sum was invested. Background: Crypto Facilities is considered to be one of the industry leaders in the said market area. Products can be traded, among other things, in conjunction with Ripple, Litecoin or Bitcoin and Ethereum. The purchase is one of many in the past few years.

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