Katja Retsin has acteermicrobe to address

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Katja Retsin makes it more and more as an actress. Previously, she was already seen in the musical ‘Dolfje Weerwolfje’ and in the last Winterrevue in Antwerp took place. From march 21, she will be unrecognizable as a bitch Jordan Baker in the Flemish version of belevingsproductie ‘The Great Gatsby’, we read in The Latest News. This belevingsproductie goes back to the 20’s, including hats, scarves and feathers. Katja Retsin may her singing talent show, and may continue them for the first time a passionate kissing scène on the shelves experience. Katja told us that they are the flavor of acting to address and that they are sure her chances of want to car to audition for a role. In this production, also play Veerle Malschaert, who we know from ‘Cops’ and Jump-actor Timo Descamps.

The Flemish version of ‘The Great Gatsby’ play at a secret location in Brussels on 21 march.e.m. May 19. For tickets and info please visit

(Nico Vanaken)

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