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“Hamilton and Vettel are afraid of Max Verstappen”

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According to Red Bull F1 team boss are Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel are most afraid of Max Verstappen. That argument is not even so strange, since Verstappen still further to the front meestrijd, all you need to have a comment to be made.

That Max Verstappen an incredible talent that is for sure. Since the F1 debut of Max Verstappen in 2015, the Dutchman succeeded with five victories to achieve. Not only on the sporting field is Verstappen becoming more successful, even with the fans makes it hugely popular.

This popularity comes largely because of his sharp stuurslag and hard driving style. The Dutchman is never a confrontation out of the way, both on and off the job. Even against Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel bite the Dutchman several times, including the last season.

Some believe that Verstappen, this is only possible because he, unlike Hamilton and Vettel, had nothing else to lose, and not to the title of the fight was. Red Bull team boss Christian Horner pulls himself of the opinion, however, nothing to and performs the psychological warfare in the run-up to the new season already.

“According to me is Max not afraid of anyone. We have Lewis and Sebastian in addition mistakes make during their career,” said Horner across diverse media. “Vettel had last year, a somewhat messy season. During the second half of the season last year achieved Max after Lewis the most number of points.”

“I think Max compared to Lewis or Sebastian nowhere deficit. We must give him the tools where he the job can get done. Max is the rider that Hamilton and Vettel the most afraid,” concludes Horner.

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