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Facebook comes together with company of Limburg factchecker fight against fake news

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Lead Stories, the factcheckingbedrijf which Limburger Maarten Schenk co-founder, is one of the new factcheckers of Facebook. The company specializes in exposing fake news stories.

‘So happy that it is finally official: Facebook is going to collaborate with my company Lead Stories in the fight against fake news and misinformation’, says Maarten Schenk on his Facebook page. The man from Houthalen-Helchteren, a German scholar, of course, which ever of dreamed to be a journalist, has developed a proprietary software package, The Trendolizer, articles, photos, or videos to check their content and to be able to be described as ‘false’ or ‘real’.

‘Technically, Lead Stories, an American company, ” says Maarten Schenk on Belga. “My partner is a former journalist from CNN, Alan Duke, and in addition, there are two U.s. investors. “It is also true that we for Facebook sites will check out that deal with the American news. It is not intended to, for example, Flemish news stories to check out.’

The Trendolizer is Schenks own discovery, and there will he say now, for ‘offset’. A miljoenendeal? “No, so spectacular it is not,” says Schenk, ” more something in the order of thousands of dollars. We will, however extra staff can recruit.’

Last month still came Schenk in the news, when he, in cooperation with the Dutch university of Leiden, a Macedonian network was on the trail of come that especially since 2016 nepverhalen the world, sends big money to earn. It was to be not less than 70 websites that since 2016 a total of 7,16 million responses, comments, and shares on Facebook and Twitter were generated.

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