Eleven-year-old guest of honor steals the show with a nap during State of the Union

During the State of Union Tuesday, the annual address of the U.s. president, made Donald Trump for a remarkable guest. So he had the eleven-year-old Joshua Trump invited. The boy from Delaware came earlier in the news because he was bullied was because of his last name. And so were Donald and Melania a good idea to get a youngster, to invite and to show that they stand behind him. But apparently could talk to the boy but moderate interest.

Also a lot of female Democrats led the attention of Trumps speech. Several dozen members of congress is challenged in full in the white, to pay homage to the vrouwenrechtenbeweging a century ago for women’s right to vote in the USA fought against. All while they were also equally out of their role.


Also Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House of Representatives, was not always set up with the statements of the president. She was occasionally caught on to very explicitly express her displeasure.


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