Donald Tusk: ‘Special place in hell for those advocating Brexit without a plan’

013abb0075c54792ad7a6d81b11fcb42 - Donald Tusk: ‘Special place in hell for those advocating Brexit without a plan’

European president Donald Tusk on Wednesday hard out at British politicians in the 2016 campaign for the Brexit, but that no plans seem to have for a safe implementation’.

The swing of Tusk comes a day before British prime minister Theresa May to Brussels travelling for a new round of consultation with, among others, commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. ‘I sit and wonder how that special place in hell looks for everyone that the Brexit promoted, without the vaagste plan to have, how that can be safely carried out, ” said Tusk literally.

A thoughtless statement in an unguarded moment, was not. Tusk reiterated his words on Twitter.

Tusk, the former prime minister of Poland, made the statement during a press conference on the side of the Irish prime minister Leo Varadkar. The sneer seemed to be mainly aimed at British politicians like Boris Johnson, former minister of Foreign Affairs, and pronounced in favour of the Brexit, and Nigel Farage, ex-chairman of the eurosceptic Ukip.


After the end of the press conference shaking Tusk and Varadkar. ‘The British press you will be hard to tackle for this statement, ” said the Irish prime minister to Tusk, who laughed and nodded.

Also the response from Farage would not be long in coming. ‘After the Brexit, the United Kingdom will have been saved from bullies as a Tusk, which is not even elected, ” said Farage. ‘Sounds like heaven.”

With only two months to go for the Brexit a fact is, said Tusk that it is now all hands on deck is a hard Brexit to avoid. Further, he seemed resigned themselves to the fact that the Brexit no longer can be avoided, ‘since the ‘Remain-camp’ out of control, makes an impression’.

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