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Denise Betsema wins in Maldegem, Sanne Cant overkop

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Denise Betsema has the Brico Cross in Maldegem won. She rode along with her team-mate Laura Verdonschot away halfway through the race. In the penultimate round took them away to solo to arrive. World champion Sanne Cant jogged in the sand and came after a tumbling no longer in the story.

Soon there was a breakaway of four riders. The two ploeggenotes Laura Verdonschot and Denise Betsema (Marlux – Napoleon Games), and Annemarie Sausage and Yara Kastelijn reason about half price for the pack, to Sausage, a shoe made in a curve and therefore also Kastelijn ceased.

That was the signal for the duo of Marlux-Napoleon Games to attract. Kastelijn seemed to be the connection, but had to by a mistake in the sand the two koploopsters yet again. In the penultimate round had Verdonschot Betsema drive and that gave the victory.

World champion Sanne Cant was never in the piece. They came to the first stretches of sand is not smooth and fell even. Cant had to chase and as the cross progressed, dropped them further away. She eventually became the sixth after a sprint against Katie Compton . “It was to wait and see what the legs would do after the world cup last weekend, but that was until I overkop went in the sand. That was not so good for my back to be honest,” says Cant.

For Betsema, it was the eleventh victory of the season, but it is an important. “I had what right to convert after the national championships and world CHAMPIONSHIPS,” says Dutch, “I was always fourth.”

The full results

1. Denise Betsema (Ned)

2. Laura Verdonschot

3. Annemarie Worst (Ned)

4. Yara Kastelijn (Ned)

5. Alice Maria Arzuffi (Ita)

6. Sanne Cant

7. Katie Compton (USA)

8. Ellen Van Loy

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