Democrate Abrams gets in response to Trump off to shutdown

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The Democratic politician Stacey Abrams has in its response to the State of the Union president, Donald Trump bright out at the shutdown, some federal officials in the USA has affected. According to Abrams is to blame that shutdown in the political games of Trump.

“A few weeks ago I volunteers accompanied by the handing out of meals to federal employees. They stood in the line waiting on a box of food and a glimmer of hope, because they already have weeks of no wages, more had been given, ” Abrams quoted by the American news channel CNN.

“It is a shame that their livelihood as a pawn to be used in political games. The shutdown was a stunt by the president on the rope was put, that any form of honesty defies not only our people but also our values in the insert had, ” said Abrams during her speech in Atlanta.

As a result of the discussion about the wall on the U.s.-mexico border, the U.S. has the longest shutdown time from their history known. By a temporary agreement, the federal government will currently be re-opened until February 15.

Stronger by immigration

Abrams took, furthermore, the migration policy of the government-Trump under fire. “This government chooses to close, and families from each other to tear,” she said. “America is stronger because of the presence of immigrants, not by the presence of walls.”

It is a tradition that after the State of the Union response from the opposition. Stacey Abrams, who is seen as one of the rising stars within the Democratic party, is the first black woman to this honor.

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