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Coucke requires 4 million back from the sellers Anderlecht

c371214fe07f4a626c96e71ee2f7e137 - Coucke requires 4 million back from the sellers Anderlecht

According to Coucke, there are at RSCA to look a lot like out of the closet. It is mainly about unexpected clauses in spelerscontracten.

According to the recent annual financial statements has Anderlecht and 45 million euro liabilities. Coucke, who a year ago 59 million paid for 74 percent of the shares, wants to put mute. He is going to do that with a capital increase, but the president also wants to be a part of stories on the old shareholders who he is (co) responsible eight. First, he wanted 10 million to reclaim, but could not. The sellers could maximum be liable for 7 million euros.

Recently, he sent a claim to all of the people who have more than 1 percent sold where he is 2.500 euro per sold share terugeist. In total it goes to about 4 million euro.

Coucke feels conned. Previously discussed he all about the high commissions to brokers that the old board paid, but he stumbles about certain clauses in spelerscontracten. So was the file of Adrien Trebel a point of contention. The midfielder was, according to Coucke at least 10 million worth, but during the sale it was found that in his contract a afkoopclausule of 6 million. The Frenchman threatened the price to leave and therefore felt the new board was obliged to Trebel a renewed commitment to give without compensation. Only he was the best paid Anderlecht-player.

With back against wall

And there were even clauses to above that resentment resulted. As discovered by a number of players who were loaned out, that the huurclubs a percentage of any subsequent resale. For example, when Leya Iseka and Doumbia were sold, benefited Zulte Waregem. That was not exuberant amounts, but all together were still expenses that Coucke not bargained for.

Of course you can say that billionaire that would have had to notice in the due diligence for the sale. All contracts were analyzed? At Trebel was indeed noted, but Coucke felt with the back against the wall. Already had the old board the Frenchman without the fixed resolve never to 2.75 million can wegplukken at Standard.

Remarkable claim

The old board gave Coucke also unexpected windfall gains. The doorverkooppercentages on Kaminski (600,000 euros), Stanciu (1 million) and the legal proceedings against Suarez (1.4 million) were Anderlecht unexpected 3 million.

The claim of Coucke is remarkable because he is old Anderlecht board is actually the same reproach as what Perrigo him reproach after the sale of Omega Pharma: a opgesmukte accounting. The American farmareus served to be a miljardenclaim in, Coucke keeps it at Anderlecht on 4 million. A number of the old RSCA-shareholders voted already to the claim to pay.

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