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Conquer your fear of heights from your bioscoopzetel

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Cliffhangers à volonté: Free solo’ is a staggering documentary that you to breath does happen. The best films now in the cinema, selected by our filmrecensent Jeroen Struys.



Mexican masterpiece.

It belongs to the family, but is visible, no part of that. She stands one step higher than the dog, of whom they are the feces have to clean up. It may look as when the whole family together for tv, but next to the seat, on the floor. With great feeling for nuance and vivid images brings the Mexican “oscar” Italian Alfonso Cuarón is an ode to his nanny. Hauntingly beautiful and heartbreakingly good. Reviewer Ruben Aerts informed, quite rightly, a maximum number of stars.

Netflixers can watch the film from their comfort of your office. That is fine for anyone not in the cinema hit, for whatever reason. But take it from us: it wants you on the big screen. And the good news is that can also.

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Loftrompet for pirouette.

Is this the biggest names Flemish debut ever? A girl wants to be ballerina, but still her man’s body off to dance. This is a film that is vulnerable to dare to prepare and that also asks of the viewer.

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Free solo

Dizzying documentary.

Who ’ns upside down against a vertical mountain side wants to hang out as El Capitan in Yosemite, California, should definitely watch this film about Alex Honnold, a man with an equally amazing if amazing plan. Best advance something small to eat, a powerbar or something.

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On Tinder would Tina have no chance. But she does have a sixth sense, that they are for her job as a customs officer. And when they a soul mate at the vile bump, everything changes. From Sweden comes a heartwarming movie welcomes that is so weird is that it is only from the tall, dark North.

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The favourite


The battle of Oudenaarde (1708) will be Yorgos Lanthimos paté foie gras being: the director of ‘Dogtooth’, ‘The lobster’ and ‘The killing of a sacred deer’ is in ‘The favourite’ only interested in geflikflooi, intrigue, and the private courtyard of Queen Anne. Actresses Emma Stone, Rachel Weisz, and Olivia Colman let all the men with wigs a poepje smell.

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Work ohne Autor

Painter with demons.

The director of ” Das Leben der anderen’ was inspired by the great painter Gerhard Richter for a film about an artist who with demons struggles. Reviewer Ruben Aerts saw a movie that a question raises: to what extent can art maker free? The music is from that other virtuoso Richter: Max Richter.

An interview with director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck and review >


Can you ever forgive me?

The lying literature.

Few films charmeerden me the last time so if this is about a writer who currency stores of her imagination and someone else’s name. It is the first film in which I Melissa McCarthy downright admire for her portrayal, just like Richard E. Grant. They are a lovely couple thugs, that the edges to be a slacker, but always with panache.

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